Safe Super Homes office - 26 Moondarra Drive, Berwick

KelvinaWhy did you set up Safe Super Homes?

For over 26 years at Safe Super Homes, we have made many customers very wealthy. It is taking advantage of Australia’s booming immigration policy. Demand for our better investment product includes the RIGHT product, in the RIGHT area, at the RIGHT price, with the RIGHT returns and the RIGHT services and advise.

I have done so myself after being declared bankrupt in 1990 as a direct result of 1987 share market crash.  Humbly, my wife and I are now a multi-millionaires.

At SSH we will willingly and honestly show you how, with no ulterior motives.

During my university days I was awarded as DUX at Melbourne Uni in law where I majored in economics. We are not salesmen sat Safe Super Homes. We are honest, intellectual and ethical professionals.

After successfully practicing law for almost a quarter of a century, living with high stress, I sold my legal practice for a record suburban price.

I wished to be involved in people’s financial counselling, to grow their income earning capacity in a ‘financial coaching roll’ to teach others how they could obtain stronger passive and better rewarding income (give them a pay rise in other words) which they could more comfortably live on in retirement. This as compared to reducing pensions and volatility in hoping to earn money from the risky share market… this is a great fallacy.

I did then and still believe that no one in Australia is offering such well-rounded, safer investment advice and actions.  I offer “A safer home for better investments”. Offering higher earning passive capacity with safety, with no risk and with substantial rewards are my prime investor objectives.

What have you achieved for your clients?

Our specialist 4 bed residential property investment portfolio in median priced housing was little effected during 1987 and 2008 share market crashes. I believe the same will happen in 2018 – 2020. This is why we sell land discounted $30,000.

So, in 1993, I established the first Australian based, all embracing, honest and genuine ‘one-stop’ property investment centre in Melbourne’s rapidly expanding south-east growth corridor. Our home-based office in Berwick is the only specialist property investment centre in Australia coping from ‘go to who’ and beyond in our unique and well rewarding property investment centre.

We offer Melbourne’s best brand-new house prices with careful construction via our hand-selected 4 HIA registered builders. We arrange finance, find you tenants and offer a genuine no charge 10-year rental guarantee. We have arranged 1,142 (as of 2018) brand new investment properties in the Berwick area.  All investors – 100% – have made remarkable money and are very happy they allowed us to show them how. Our unique houses double in value sooner than normal. The normal is 10 – 12 years in Australia. We offer an Aussie record – our houses double in value every 7.2 years. We can prove it. Brand new homes can cost the public NIL to own – inside Super or outside Super.

Many clients have written congratulatory references to SSH expressing their original skepticism, yet how happy they are now. They were unsure they could trust us. It sounds too good to be true, I know. So, on completion, with everything handled so well and carefully via our office, they were so relieved and so happy. This is our major point of difference – price, quality, service and honesty.

Why Property?

On a personal level, I could feel the 2008 stock market crash looming and so pulled out our over $1m from the share market in 2007. I placed that money into safer housing in the local Berwick area. The average wage earner lost 40% of their Super balance in 2008 crash because their money was invested in risky shares.

The ‘all ords’ or share price value in 2008 was 6,842. In 2018 the ‘all ords’ is almost 6,400. In other words, during the last decade, share values have not caught up.

In 10 years, the public made NIL in shares.  Whereas our clients and my own family has made almost double, over $400,000 per property, and cost nil to own. The returns are remarkable and not bettered anywhere in Australia. As specialists in this complex area, we believe we are probably the best, certainly we are the most honest, in Australia.

We employ Carol, a licensed estate agent, supervising our authorised estate agents. This way we prevent many estate agent casualties with property investing.

What have you personally sacrificed for your clients’ benefit?

This is a very personal statement.  I am often asked “why aren’t you still practicing law”? Leaving aside status and ego, I don’t miss the stress’ in law any more.

In the early days of establishing our property investment program I suffered major reduction in my income, but the capital generated via my own wise property investments more than made up.

I have also been through about 5 years of trials, tribulations and substantial costs in explaining and defending Safe Super Homes in the extensive examination by Commonwealth Government via ASIC. I now believe that SSH is the only investment centre allowed to continue trading without holding an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). That part of our business is always conducted by an associated AFSL holder. We know who to recommend. We now know how to offer better service with less costs that I have personally negotiated for clients.

Our final sacrifice is, many prospects say, “This all sounds too good to be true and therefore there must be some catch”. That is not true.

Most prospects rightly believe their accountant has superior property knowledge when the reverse is actually true. I personally know about 60 accountants in Melbourne after being involved in the law for many years. I will only recommend 2. The majority sadly suffer ignorance and lack of knowledge, by recommending that property investors do not proceed with property investing. Most people have invested in shares so they “wont rock the boat”.

We understand that many prospects are apprehensive of shady ‘property spruikers’.  SSH has clear lines of difference.

Convincing the public of the remarkable investment returns achievable via SSH is probably my biggest present concern. If only the public knew who to believe.

Can you give me some examples of how you go out of your way to help your investor clients?

Apart from the genuine house and land discounts we exclusively offer investors – with genuine savings of more than $40,000 – I have often personally negotiated complex financial solutions with better results for investors. When investor clients are keen, I will achieve financial results with our better and safer products. In extreme cases, I have used my own personal finances to help investors. Sometimes I get repaid by investors, other times I don’t.

How has your wealth been created by property investing?

SSH has completed a recent 2018 analysis of how well our property investor clients have done over the last 25 years. Here are the results for one of my family’s investment properties in Cranbourne North. The property was handed over in 2012 and has been rented 100% of the time. It has achieved the following results:

*      Year 2012) $334,000 – house & land cost

*       Year 2018) $600,000 –  NAB revaluation  (retail value $640,000 – $650,000)

*       House value doubles every 7.5 to 8 years (Australian record)

*       Capital growth has been ave. 11.45%

*       House cost us NIL to own.

*       Present rental income of $395 per week or 6.15% of cost

*       Present returns ……   17.6%

That must be compared to 7.1% return on shares for last decade.

In fast moving society I strongly recommend that any person wishing to give their family a stronger and safer wealth building portfolio give SSH a call on (03) 9702 2595.

We encourage you to take the first step. Even though not everyone qualifies bank wise, we can help you on your way to building such a rewarding investment portfolio.