Why Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the fastest growing cities in the developed world, racing away from the rest of Australia and doubling the growth rate of most advanced cities.

We are now in the top 5 fastest growing cities in the developed world. People are drawn to Melbourne due to better lifestyle, better education, better health facilities, a booming economy and better job prospects.

Melbourne added 123,000 residents in the last year alone. This has caused major infrastructural problems for residents such as transport bottlenecks and a lack of housing for keen buyers. In the last 8 years alone there has been a population increase of 1 million, and our population by 2050 is projected to hit 8 million. 62% of this new population is going to have to settle in the fringe suburbs like Clyde, Officer, Longwarry and Neerin South.

The Liberals have promised a further 290,000 home lots in outer growth areas. Over the past 2 decades 62% of new residents have moved to new suburbs on Melbourne’s Fringe.

I say much more needs to be done to advance the road system to cater to the growing population, but all other infrastructure – shops, hospitals, schools and uni’s – are well apportioned in the Berwick growth corridor.

Studies show that the City of Casey will need at least 3700 NEW dwellings built each year to keep up with demand.

Where else would you invest your Super?