Imagine paying large sums into an investment strategy and getting nil in return. Well, if your Super is invested in shares, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Property investing has proved to be at a great advantage to investing in shares, which have made nil income during 2018; in fact, they’ve not been able to catch up since the 2008 GFC.

We believe the next GFC has already arrived which is why we at Safe Super Homes do not promote putting your money into the risky share market. That is, where your super funds currently are.

Hand selected real estate, on the other hand, has hardly been affected, and the Australian Government’s immigration policy is the real reason why. We build our homes in the rapidly expanding south east of Melbourne for one simple reason: that’s where people want to live. Property demographic experts say 130,000 houses will be needed in needed in area within the next 5 years to keep up with the demand of new migrants moving to the area, and we’re glad to jump on board and build as many houses as you want to invest in. In fact, to kick start your property portfolio in the new year, our house and land packages are presently discounted by $30,000 to $50,000.

We take away any risk to the investor with a 10-year rental guarantee, and we certainly don’t charge for it. Other mischievous organisations, like Defence Service Homes, over-charge for house costs so you end up paying for your rental guarantee. We hold the highest level of client satisfaction and ethical behaviour available in Australia because we are real people, working with real clients, looking to make better and more secure future for you.

Buy And Hold

Your objective in property investing is to buy and hold annually increasing assets. It seems an obvious thing to say, but if you take a look at your shares, they haven’t been increasing annually.

It only costs you an average of $50 per week to own one of our brand new 4 bedroom homes (net after all costs – lender loan, insurance, rates and $1,000 total deposit), using your own home as collateral. Your investment is constantly making great returns – possibly the greatest in Australia.

This process can be a headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to know what to buy, where to buy it and which target market is safe. It’s important to look for properties with good long-term rental return and long capital growth. These are found in the outer rings of Melbourne due to budgetary constraints of usual wage earners. The bonus of these areas is that they are currently under-supplied which sees rental returns rising consistently due to demand.


Good tenants cut costs to investors, both in repair costs and in letting fees. The tenants we and our agents arrange for you stay 3 times the national tenancy average, most of them up to 4 years, and our homes are of such good quality that they pay a higher rent. We ensure the best families move into your investment property; and for families, the investment properties need to be in a school catchment area, with good transport and infrastructure developments, like the City of Casey and Gippsland.

Why is the Berwick area the best place to live and invest?

It’s the mega billions of dollars recently spent by all tiers of governments on infrastructure here that gives this region the leading edge in property investing.

For example:

  • The only new hospital built by Victorian Government during the last 30 years is in Berwick; the Casey Hospital. New consulting rooms, maternity facilities and cancer specialist centres make up a great part of the expansion to medical care in the area.
  • Melbourne’s only new tech school has been built in the area and is now a part of Chisolm TAFE, affording newcomers to the area the opportunity to develop skills for employment.
  • Federation University campus extension has allowed the campus to become one of the leading business schools in Australia.
  • Casey has the highest number of private and public schools per capita in the whole of Australia.
  • Fountain Gate shopping centre, second only to Chadstone in size and variety, is a short 10-minute drive away.
  • Due to the expansion in infrastructure, better employment opportunities are available.

Come and see our Display Home in Berwick – only open by appointment – and we will show you all the supporting evidence. You will be impressed.

Safe Super’s discounted 4 bedroom house and land packages are the best investment available in Australia – the right product, right area, right price and right service.