We are all aware of why Melbourne & Sydney are experiencing exceptional population growth, yet Aussies have the lowest population growth on record. When will we experience the next property boom?

Growth is mostly caused by our immigration program.

In 2017 and 2018, 152,000 migrants arrived in Melbourne. That’s about 2,900 new Australians per week, all looking for the safest place to live and raise their kids. They have all passed Australia’s immigration department tests. They bring wealth, diversity, knowledge and willingness to a new and better country.

The majority have done their research and spoken to friends who are already settled here. They have pre-selected Melbourne’s rapidly expanding south-east growth corridor as better place to live. Why? Because they already know there are fewer socio-economic problems here than other parts of Melbourne’s expansion.

That means for investors, Melbourne’s south-east is the smartest place to invest in property.

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