Investment Property Consultants in Melbourne

Your Specialists in Property Investment & General Financial Advice

It’s no secret that property investment is a great way to secure your financial future, whether you’re looking to add a new stream of income to your finances or saving up for retirement. With the help of our investment property consultants in Melbourne, you’ll get personalised advice to help prepare for your safer and better investment journey.

We Cover All Your Financial Ambitions

At Safe Super Homes, we know that property investment is the best and safest way to secure a wealthy retirement. That is why we make sure that we provide our clients with the right insight and knowledge they need in property investment, which can work best with a long-term working relationship with us.

Trust us for your property investment needs and expect:

Reliable Consultancy

With Safe Super Homes, you’ll get personalised advice right from your first meeting with our property consultants in Melbourne where we have been operating for 26 years. Our consultant will sit down with you for a complete and detailed discussion of your finances. Based on your financial review, we will create an entire portfolio that will help you build a steady stream of income. With us, you’ll learn everything from property investing to widening your investment portfolio. All based on honesty and the truth.

Client Education

Our team will meet with you as many times as needed to make sure you have a full understanding of property investment in today’s financial climate. That way, you will be comfortable with your decision.

We also run seminars out of our office once every two months, covering topics such as fractional investing, first home ownership, and the intricacies of property investment. These seminars are a great way to learn what’s involved without the pressure of a one-on-one meeting.

Full-time Management

You can trust us to be with you every step of the way. Our investment property consultants are knowledgeable in all types of property solutions. Once your property is turning a profit, we will spread your portfolio out across the market and form property investment strategies to achieve your investment goals. Possibly better than anyone else in Australia, according to our data and records.

Build Your Portfolio with Us

Safe Super Homes is centred on creating maximum safer opportunities for wealth creation and financial security. We believe that our clients deserve the best services and the right amount of guidance in order to guarantee the efficiency of their decisions. As such, we provide:

Financial Management

With a mortgage broker and former bank manager on staff, we are able to organise your loan, saving you the headache of applying to different banks or of sourcing your mortgage broker.

We are happy to liaise with your accountant if you would like them involved. They are welcome to join with us in finding the best financial solutions for you.

Our team at Safe Super Homes sell land of varying sizes, in different areas of Melbourne’s south-east area; we have many blocks available at a range of prices. We also have several options of houses to build, including our premium SERIES 1 home or our turn-key SERIES 2 home. We even have a fractional investment option, allowing you to get involved at a lower budget. Together, we will take a good look at your finances to find the best product, providing best returns, for you.

Project Management

Buying an investment property involves a lot of people – especially when that property hasn’t yet been built. This way we save you almost $20,000 in stamp duty.Safe Super Homes is one of the few companies in Australia that provide a complete service. We organise and manage everyone from conveyancers, financial planners, mortgage brokers and lenders to the builders, real-estate agents and developers.

We remain in control of the whole process and report to you every month with a progress statement and pictures taken at our onsite visits.

10-Year Rental Guarantee

Properties must have tenants to generate income. However, in case a tenant can’t be found for your property, we offer a 10-year rental guarantee for 11 out of 12 months of the year, all at no extra inbuilt cost to you!

It is important to note that we allow four weeks to find a new tenant before the rental guarantee takes effect, and at least six weeks over the Christmas holiday since most offices are often closed for two weeks.

Manage the Managing Agents

When your investment home is around six weeks from completion, we start to look for a tenant. Safe Super Homes has a panel of local property managers through whom the property will be leased, and tenancy is usually secured well before the house is ready for them. Our estate agents offer unbeatable prices in managing.

The property managers are required to report to us when a tenant vacates the property so that we can uphold our rental guarantee to you. If your property manager can’t find you a new tenant within two weeks, we will open the property up to our panel to ensure your investment is tenanted, again as quickly as possible.

We like to keep an eye on your properties and regularly take a drive around the area to make sure everything is looking good. If there is a lawn in need of mowing or a garden bed in need of maintenance, we will investigate it to ensure your home is being cared for. Agents are required to do 3 and 9 monthly reports to you as owner and to us as joint managers.

Property Investment Made Easier with Safe Super Homes

Melbourne’s south-east, including Gippsland, is experiencing unprecedented population growth, with so many people from all over Australia and overseas choosing the area for its amazing amenities and opportunities. We have taken the time to research what people want in a home, so that we can provide you with an investment that is always earning you a better income.

Our investment property consultants in Melbourne, do everything possible to ensure your property is kept up to the standard synonymous with the Safe Super Homes name. If you have any inquiries about property investment, feel free to contact us or fill out our contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!