melbourne investment propertyThe median Melbourne house price is on track to crack the $1 million mark within just six years, according to research conducted by the mortgage broker firm Home Loan Experts.

This is great news if you already own a property, but what if you think you’re already priced out of the market? Or you’d like to buy an investment property but don’t think you have the funds?

You might be surprised to find out that tapping into this massive growth opportunity is easier than you think.

But first, let’s look at what makes this such big news: the current median price for Melbourne is just $608,000, which means that Melbourne house prices are set to increase to a massive 167% of their current value in six years.

And the good news doesn’t stop there, because the price is set to increase to $1.4 million in the next ten years. Which represents 233% of their current value!

  • So how do you position yourself to make the most of this incredible opportunity?
  • What if you discovered a way to buy an investment property for much less than you imagined?
  • And what if you found a way to safeguard your investment with a ten year rental guarantee?

If you could do all that, then you could truly capitalise on this incredible growth and set yourself (and your kids) up for a very comfortable future.

At Safe Super Homes, we specialise in helping people build a better future, and achieve financial success through property.

The time to act is now though. One thing this research brings to mind is the old saying that “there are seven days in a week, but one day, and someday are not one of them!”

Call our friendly staff or send us an email, and we would be very happy to have a confidential chat with you about your current position, and to outline some of the options you have available to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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