smsf property You’re young, in the prime of your life and starting to kick some goals in your career. It’s time to respect your super write Kelvin Gough.

You’re under 40, who cares about super, right? Errm wrong. We’re guessing it’s the word ‘retirement’ that puts most people off thinking about it until they’re 60. Sadly, many people retiring now don’t have anywhere near enough money saved in their super to live comfortably through their retirement. Many end up going back to work or living tough.

With improved living standards and medicine we’re living longer than ever before. And it’s fair to say that this puts a strain on government resources (increasingly so). So basically, regardless of your age it’s time you took your superannuation seriously, which will in turn help you reach your dreams of that little nest egg later in life.

If you’re aged 30 – 55 years old and seeking to retire in the next 5 – 30 years, you should most definitely consider Direct Property inside an SMSF. You could benefit substantially by the huge tax savings on offer as well as continuous Capital Growth, via an LRBA loan (Limited Resource Borrowing Arrangement).

We believe that this ‘super-window’ of opportunity will exist for only a few more years and therefore recommend investing in this capacity sooner rather than later. An increasing number of investment-savvy-people are catching on; encouraged by the knowledge that the government will shift towards privatising the pension and that greater success and security is achievable through an SMSF property portfolio, than the loss making share market.

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