ResiBrix for Fractional Investment in Melbourne

Invest in a property for as little as $50,000


Trying to get into the property market but don’t have enough money? Safe Super Home’s ResiBrix for fractional investment in Melbourne, is the solution you need.

With the changes in worldwide economic conditions, many people have tried to take their money out of the risky share market. However, with less than $200,000 in their home equity or super fund, nothing much could be done — that is why ResiBrix was created.

ResiBrix was born of the necessity to provide investment opportunities to clients with less super and less borrowing capacity. With ResiBrix, a subsidiary of Safe Super Homes, you can buy a 4-bedroom family home from $50,000 with guaranteed 10-year rental income.

100% of our clients have made remarkable returns on their investment, and we have made many investors millionaires. With our safety net, your capital will always make a positive return on investment!

Our ResiBrix Programme

Once you have the required investment amount of about $50,000, you and up to a maximum of 15 other investors will join forces to purchase a 4-bedroom investment property – built by our HIA builders. Here’s how it works:

  • Kelvin Gough, ResiBrix Director, will act as chairman.
  • You and the other investors will form a company, of which you will serve as a board member.
  • We will find a better tenant for the property and manage the ongoing upkeep. This way, you can be sure your investment will be kept in good condition.

ResiBrix for fractional investment in Melbourne allows you to purchase portions of a share. Whether it’s your first time investing in property or one of many, we will work closely with you. In addition, ResiBrix will take charge of everything, making it a stress-free experience for you.

Fractional Investment Melbourne

Annual Distributions

ResiBrix will calculate your rental income – minus any expenses such as management fees, rates, insurances etc. These funds will be deposited into your nominated account on the 1st October every year.

Investment Term

Investment is for a minimum of FIVE years.

Rental Guarantee

Safe Super Homes provides an arms-length, honest, 10-year written guarantee — at no cost for you. This means that should the investment property be untenanted; we will pay rental following one month.

After the first five years, the property is jointly assessed, and any upkeep and maintenance matters are attended to so that high standards can be maintained. We are confident in the quality of our investment homes. Past performance has proved they are highly sought after, so we take away any worries or uncertainties about rental income. We offer the rental guarantee at no extra or inbuilt cost.

Your Safety Net

As with all investments, growth returns cannot be guaranteed – even though we guarantee rental income. For the last 26 years, Safe Super Homes’ investor clients have experienced an unprecedented average growth of 15% annually. We are confident that the past will be repeated because of Australia’s immigration policy.

Showing our compassion and understanding, we are willing to equally share those anticipated returns 50% / 50%. We are more than confident about our projected returns, and that we will be paying you a 7.5% annual growth return.

Just in case the past is not repeated, we will guarantee in writing that you will be paid a minimum annual return of 4%; almost double what the banks are paying on fixed term deposits.

The ResiBrix Advantage

Get the most out of your ResiBrix investment

  • Invest money from cash/TD, superannuation fund, or equity from your home.
    You’re not limited to any type of investment. You can utilise your savings, equity from your home, or even use balance from superannuation to fund investment. There are many ways to be involved!
  • Four-bedroom Home Investment
    You get to invest in a tangible, bricks-and-mortar home. It brings in ongoing passive income and is a good investment in the long run. Through our annual reporting, you will see the value increase over time. With the guaranteed rental income and safety net, you can use the investment to start building wealth.
  • Parents and Children Joint Purchase
    Our fractional investment in Melbourne allows parents and children to purchase a house together. This is a good starting point for your children to get into property investing and get a financial education.

Let’s Make Your Investment Property Dream a Reality!

We are currently taking applications for Odeon Property Trust. We encourage you to inquire about this opportunity as this is the best way to enter the property market in Melbourne. Contact us at (03) 9702 2595, and get into Melbourne’s escalating property market.

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